Eye Mask For Sleeping With Gel, Orange Fruit - Yellow

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Tootpado Model: Sleeping Eye Mask Orange Fruit (6LNT227).
1. SLEEP MAKS: Ultimate Gel Comfort. Perfect For Travel, Meditation, Yoga, Or Relaxation. Cooling works even at room temperature. Close your eyes and Relax!
2. EASY TO USE: The gel packs are reusable and can be frozen. In addition to covering the eyes the mask can be used for the head, back, neck, shoulders, arm, elbow, wrist, back, knee, shin, ankle.
3. SOFT CLOTH + VINYL: allows for comfortable direct-skin use. Place in freezer to cool or use at room temperature.
4. When you need a hot or cold pack you have a choice. You can use a bag of ice/hot water or a standard gel hot/cold pack. 

Eye Mask For Sleeping With Gel

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